Monday, January 4, 2010


Thought for Today:  
Monday's Child is Fair of Face.

I have purchased a book to lead me through this process.  I bought it at Barnes and Noble: Publishing a Blog with Blogger; Elizabeth Castro is the author.  I haven't checked it out yet; but, the book has a tutorial on her website. It was $19.99 less my 10% as a paid member of B&N.

It is time for me to quit for the day so I will sign off and read some more of the book.  Maybe I will even check out the website....I doubt it.  I am now reading the second book of a series of three books by Victoria Dahl.  I'm to the good part.  The first one being: To Tempt a Scotsman.  Yes, you see the connection...Scottish lass that I am.

Pleasant Dreams-Esmee

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