Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thought for the Day: 

Never do today what you can put off doing until tomorrow!

Well, again I have left this posting until the last thing.  I have spent today getting organized.  Hopefully, tomorrow will complete this task.  I have completed several projects so I am simplifying.  I am bad to multi-task and sometimes I do not finish a project(s). 

Today, however,

I finished a sequined Christmas wall hanging that I started about three years ago.  It is ready to hang next Christmas. 

I added fabric to a cabinet in my/guest bathroom.  It was one of the ideas that came in the middle of other projects.  Then, I began to multi-task.  It is not a project on my list for this year, but will be added to the "extra projects completed" on my goal list.

I am completely "list-driven".  If it is on a list, I will work really hard to complete the job/task/project.  There is a downside to this approach.  I always seem to want to work on my list first...then, give myself permission to have fun...go to a movie with friends, go hit golf balls or just read a book.  However, on the plus side, I do not have "to-do's" rattling around in my head keeping me up at night.  All I have to do is read my list the next morning.  Ahhh! 

I think it is time to "read" for a while.  How about that!  I have decided to let the tasks go for tonight.

Pleasant Dreams!   Esmee

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