Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thought for the Day:   MISERY IS OPTIONAL!

I decided that "the thought" deserved to be bold and larger than "normal".  The choice is yours.  You can decide to be sad or you can decide to be happy.   I decided to be happy. 

To give credit where credit is due.  The "Thought" came to me many years ago during a workshop.  We were given the task of writing on a blackboard (do they still exist?) our favorite quote/expression/advice...whatever.  My friend and coworker, LuAnn, wrote this one.    The choice to be sad or happy came to me when I overheard a friend, "J", comment to another friend.

I like to think about this and realize the choice is mine.  If I am miserable, it is my choice.  I am a "half-full" person so I always find the good in any situation.  It is your choice to be half-full or half-empty. 

At times this is a bore to my family and friends, especially, if they are half-empty.  My mother would tell me that she didn't want to hear any of the "Pollyanna" stuff.  Obviously, she was a "half-empty" and liked it that way...her choice.

Pleasant Dreams, Esmee aka Pollyanna

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