Friday, January 8, 2010


Thought for the Day: 
Thursday's Child has far to go.

I'm back...

I am taking time to learn more about Blogger.  Today I want to change my templete to one I can get free on the internet.  Hopefully, I will have changed it by the time I sign off.  It is now 4:30pm CST.

I woke up this morning thinking about my blog and exactly what I wanted to be.  So far, I have decided in some form I want a section on Tips for the Household and just Living: recommedations on eating in Arkansas and maybe restaurants when we travel; OpEd: Opinions on current events and what pushes my "hot" button; poetry; books.  You see it is getting very convoluted.  I need some organization.  Ergo, this journey in "blogland".

It is now 8:30pm CST.  I got as far as changing my template to one of the Blogger selections.  I didn't go as far as to download one from the internet.  Maybe tomorrow.  It is time to quit for the day and read my book.  I am now reading "The Lady Innkeeper" by Barbara Metzger.


Yours, Esmee

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