Saturday, March 17, 2018

National Quilting Day and St. Patrick's Day 2018

March 17, 2918

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


National Quilting Day
Here are a few of mine!
Holly-Wall Hanging

Morning Glory-Wall Hanging

Purple Mountains Majesty-Wall Hanging

Heritage Quilt-Double Wedding Ring
Hand Pieced and Hand Quilted

Rescued Everything Vintage
Wall Hanging

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Last night we went to a Community Concert Association concert. It was the last one of the 2017-2018 Season. It was one of the best. 

'Gentri, The Gentlemen Trio' did not disappoint. They were accompanied by Stephen Nelson and a 5-String Quartet from the Arkansas Symphony from Little Rock. Stephen Nelson was one of the highlights. He should have top billing for his performance. For one number, the audience was asked for the name of a current hit song and a classic movie song. They chose 'Wind Beneath My Wings' and 'Dr. Zhivago'. Mr. Nelson combined the two pieces for a new movie: 'Dr. Zhivago Beneath My Wings'. The result was amazing.

The other highlight of the night was a movie of the their original composition, 'Home'. They provided the sound while the movie below played on a large screen behind them. It is about the death of a loved husband who has passed to the other side. He was still able to write a letter to his beloved wife, whom he had to leave behind for a while.

It brought tears to my eyes. (I wasn't prepared. Luckily, Chuck has a handkerchief.)

Sunday, March 11, 2018


We decided this year to get out of 'Dodge'* every once and a while. This weekend was the '25th Annual Daffodil Festival' in Camden, Arkansas, USA. It is about two hours from us. We could get there; look at the daffodils; and be back home before dark. We had planned to get there by noon and eat at the Postmasters Grill, but it didn't open until 5pm. Plan B: walk around until we found a place and menu we liked. 

Just off Main Street we found 
What's Cookin'. Delicious hamburger! for me and a fish po-boy for Chuck. I picked best! 

The owner of the restaurant was a collector of everything Grapette.

I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, drinking Grapette, a grape drink bottled in Camden. Grapette's headquarters is now located in Malvern, Arkansas.

Now it was time to find the daffodils. That was easier said than done. The daffodil locations were a few miles out of town. As 'Amanda' (another story) at the Information Center said, "They're in the country." ...and they were. We could have taken a shuttle, but we prefer to be in control of our time. We elected to drive to only one venue, Grace Hill. 

Koi Pond

Daffodils in back of Koi Pond

There were a lot of daffodils as we drove in. Those had been planted long before the house was built. In the back there were plantings of different varieties that will spread over the years. Grace Hill was completed in 1992 and is a copy of the George Wythe house in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1750. 

Time to head home to my own tribute to the daffodil. 

It was nice day and we are already planning our next day trip.

*Hot Springs Village
(another story) We got to visiting with Amanda and found we knew some of the same people in Camden. Also, they were practically our neighbors in Little Rock before they moved to Camden. I also started talking to another lady and found out that we had worked at the same bank in Little Rock many years ago. Proves again-It's a small world. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018


What you say to a friend or an acquaintance or even someone in passing could remain in their minds for the rest of their life. It could even remain in yours. I have many words running through my mind. Some have been said to me and some I have said. I would like to erase some that have been said to me and I regret some I have said.

"It will only take a few seconds." Said to me when I wasn't feeling too well physically. I cannot get rid of them. I spend a lot of seconds doing things that add up to minutes and hours that I could have been doing something more meaningful. Usually, more meaningful things take more than a few seconds.

"Can't never did do anything!" My Dad said that to me and it impacted my life for the better. Thanks, Dad!

I could go on and on, but these are just a couple of examples. There are too many running around in my head. 

"Be Kind with Your Words."

Friday, February 23, 2018

Eastern Red Fox Squirrel in My Backyard!

This is a first for me. Who knew that an Eastern Red Fox Squirrel would show up in my backyard? I am used to seeing gray squirrels in my yard and have seen black squirrels on a golf courses or parks. Never have seen one of these until it appeared a couple of days ago.

I looked out my window and low and behold there it was gleaning black oil sunflower seeds from around my bird feeder.  There was a grey squirrel gleaning along side, but that didn't deter either one from accomplishing their mission. It was really big in relation to the 'Gray". I checked the next day, but it hasn't returned. 

I'll be vigilant. Keep you posted.

Monday, February 19, 2018


I recently saw an article about charm bracelets and started reminiscing about mine. My charm bracelets are more than decoration. They are a journal of my life, my family, and the trips I have taken. They are easy to find and easy to pack. They do not catch dust. 

My collection began when I made a trip to Williamsburg and bought a bracelet. The rest is history. The gold and silver ones are mementos from my life and travels. I started the silver one when gold got so expensive. 

Then, I branched out when I started collecting heart lockets and crosses. Each locket has a picture of a member of my family tucked inside. 

The one with the evil eyes was bought in a favorite antique store. I added the Scorpio and Libra charms that were bought from the same store. It helps ward of 'evil spirits'.

I still wear them from time to time and feel 'charmed'.