Friday, May 18, 2018

50 States in 50 Years Nos. 5 and 6*

I checked Washington and Oregon off my list in 1971. They were at the end of a trip that began in Southern California. I had no idea at time that I would even entertain the idea of visiting all 50 States in my life time.

We landed at LAX and ventured up the coast with stops at Moro Bay, Solvang, Hearst Castle, and San Francisco before crossing the border at Grants Pass, Oregon, where we spent the night before heading to Seattle, Washington to visit relatives. 
City Center Motel on N.E. Sixth St., Grants Pass

The scenery along the Oregon Highway
was spectacular. It is still in my mind
after 47 years. Some of the areas
reminded me of Arkansas.
Our stay in Seattle lasted about week. It rained every day except on Wednesday. Our relatives tried to convince us that was not the norm.  
We were not there when it was snowing;
it was raining. This picture came from a
tourist card packet.

Ate some wonderful fresh salmon; went to the 
University of Washington
to get a view of Mt. Rainier
in the rain;

and took a side trip to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, by ferry in the rain;

and best of all went to the top
of the Space Needle even
though I am really, 
really afraid of heights. 

The only sunny day we went
to some woods where our relatives had a cabin. At least we had one day of sun.

I remember the long trip along the coast of California and reading Atlas Shrugged  by Ayn Rand from beginning to end while we were on the road.  When I got out of the car I passed out and missed our first Salmon meal. The trip back to LAX was not memorable. We took the inland highway. My only memory was stopping to eat lunch in Yreka, California. 

Wonderful trip...excluding my passing out the first minute I set foot on solid ground after riding and reading in the back seat of the car.

*For "new to my blog" friends...on May 17, 2010, I visited Wisconsin.
I can now say that I have been in, to, or through all 50 United States.
I am committed to make an Artist Trading Card "ATC" for each of
the 50 States. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Retirement 101 - You're Never Too Old

1983, United Technologies
Hartford, Connecticut

I have been
going through
my 'inspiration' 
stash that I
through the

It's time 
for me to
share them 
with you.

This is one 
of my favorites:

 "It's What You Do--Not When You Do It".

'Retirement doesn't mean sleeping in your recliner in front of the TV. It's time to do what you wished you had done when you were young. The time is now! Get up and 'Do It'. You're never too old! 

Just look at what these 'icons' did and when they did it!

Golda Meir -71- Prime Minister of Israel

George Bernard Shaw - 94- One of his plays was first published

Benjamin Franklin -81- Framer of the United States Constitution 

'Follow Your Bliss'  Joseph Campbell -in his 70's- The Power of Myth

Some people made their mark when they were young. Maybe, you can inspire your children and grand-children to get a head start and not wait until they retire to do what they really want to do. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Orioles-Here Today Gone Tomorrow

One day there were Orioles all over Hot Springs Village. Everyone with feeders had at least three birds looking for food. The next day they were gone. I guess they moved on to their summer home. Here are some pictures of the ones that visited my feeder.



Sunday, May 6, 2018

50 States in 50 Years Nos. 7 and 8*

Michigan and Ohio were part of  my 1976 Bicentennial Trip. We went in and out of these two states along with Kentucky on the way home from a two week trip. We were on a deadline to get back to Little Rock in time to go to work on Monday. 

We did take time to stop in each
of them to visit a couple of popular
tourist destinations. 

Canton, Ohio and the 'Professional Football Hall of Fame' was the first of these stops. I took this picture, but honestly do not remember what I saw there. I think my husband put this on our list of stops. 

I do remember
 the next stop-
 Dearborn Michigan
 at the Ford Museum
No doubt I was the one
 that put this on the list.

I loved it. 
The number of structures 
that had been razed 
and brought here 
for posterity 
was overwhelming.

Here are a couple of my favorites. 

The Museum tower is an exact replica of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, birthplace of American freedom. It even contains the mistakes made in the original building. It was dedicated in 1929 by Thomas Edison.

Rose Cottage was originally nestled in the Cotswold Hills of England. It is a 17th century limestone cottage. The Coswold district is a land of sheepraisers.

*For "new to my blog" friends...on May 17, 2010, I visited Wisconsin.
I can now say that I have been in, to, or through all 50 United States.
I am committed to make an Artist Trading Card "ATC" for each of
the 50 States. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Rest in Peace

On March 27, 2018 our friend, Marjo, went from this side to the next one. Marjo was a 'sister of the heart' of our family. She was the cherished sister of her family. She will be missed.

Her life was celebrated on March 30 at the First United Methodist Church in Benton, Arkansas.  Her granddaughter, Lara, gave a moving tribute to her 'Jo-Jo'. Our nephew, Jim Ed, sang her favorite hymn, "Precious Lord, Take My Hand". 

It's hard to say "Goodbye, until we meet again" to one of my favorite people. She was an example that inspired others to be positive and tolerant of all people. She had a quiet way about her that made me want to emulate her and she was beyond organized. 

This is another song that she requested be sung by her friends and family. It is one of my favorites. I had a hard time singing along.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

50 States in 50 Years Nos. 12-9

No. 12 Minnesota with a side trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
No. 11 North Dakota
No. 10 Iowa
No.  9 Nebraska

I added these state to my list on a trip to Minnesota in 1970. I could find very few pictures from 1970 and this trip. 

We started in Arkansas, went through Kansas and made a stop in Omaha for a few days. One day we spent at the Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters. To be honest I do not remember how they looked in 1970. All I remember is going into a building and signing a guest book. Then, we ventured over to Lincoln one day and took pictures at the Capitol Building. I took them from the top of the building. That was before my fear of heights had kicked in big time. I wouldn't be able to do that now. Note: Nebraska is very windy.

On the road again with one stop in Sioux City, Iowa, to fix a flat tire and on to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. There were several sides trips from this base. One trip was to Itasca State Park in Bimidji where I waded across the Mississippi River.  It is at the headwaters of the river. Next, we took a quick trip over the border to Fargo, North Dakota.
I was a little further inland as I remember.
I didn't have to walk far, but I did have to
walk across the rocks.

The highlight side trip was to Winnipeg. 
We spent the night and did a little shopping.
I still have the ring I bought as a souvenir.

This trip was almost at the beginning of my '50-State Odyssey'. Who knew at that time that I would be able to say I have been in and out or to all 50 states. Glad we thought to go to Fargo.