Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day 2015-Repost

Remembering good times with my Mom:
Circa 1949
Circa: 1955

Circa: 1951



I remember laying on a glider on our screened porch in 
1951 or '52...listening to the radio on Sunday afternoon.  
We listened to 'The Shadow"(Who knows what lurks in the minds of men, The Shadow knows...), "The FBI in War and Peace", "Inter-sanctum"(the door screeching as it opened).

I remember going to the movie on Christmas Eve and then to Walgreen's to buy decorations for the tree.  I still have them.  We were killing time while Santa and his reindeer had a chance to land on our roof and leave me some presents.  We didn't have a chimney so I guess he came in a window or a door!

I remember her bringing me breakfast from the Country Kitchen before I left for school.  I would call her at night about 8pm when the cafe was closing...asking her to bring me a Milky Way and a Coke on ice (shaved in a Styrofoam cup). We used to walk a lot around our neighborhood.

What great memories of a great time to have grown up and to have my Mom!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Memories of Mavis

May Day                      May Day                         May Day
May 1 is Mavis' birthday.  If my calculations are correct, she would have been 100 today. 
The McLean Girls
From Left to Right: Mary Lou, Betty, Mavis, Sybil (Mom)

Mavis, was my Mother's sister.  She is the #2 McLean girl. Mom was the #1/Oldest and Mavis was next.  I think Mom was closest to Mavis in age and temperament.  She was five when Mavis was born and they had each other for five years before Betty came along and another three before Mary Lou was born.  I think Mom watched out for Mavis.  I think that Mavis went where Mom went by looking at some of the early pictures.
Can you pick them out in this picture?
Mom and Mavis with
the Fitches in Kansas

I digress.  These are my Memories of Mavis.  

She used to take naps on the couch in the living room on 16th Street in Muskogee.  They said she had a bad ear. When she wanted to tune out her three sisters, she would turn on her 'bad ear' side and take a nap.  I imagine that was often, because if all four sister were together, they all talked at the same time. Then, Mavis would hit the couch!

I have no idea why Patricia
had her head down.
I remember Mom and Dad taking me to Muskogee to visit Mavis, Jim, Lillian, and Patricia.  I can see the adults sitting in lawn chairs outside.  I was inside reading to Lillian and Patricia at nap time.  I was a kid. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to read to them until they fell asleep.  Mavis finally came and got me.

Grandmother, Mavis, Mom
Mavis (standing)
me, and Mary Lou
She visited me several times over the years.  Some I remember; some I don't.

I thought it was neat that she was 'Mavis Davis'.  She married Jim Davis and was always with him.  The only time I remember her being without Jim was when he was in the Pacific in WWII. 
On a visit to Little Rock
The date on the back of the picture was 1942.
I think they were married at home.

Mavis was the Librarian of the family. Mom had worked in one.  I always wanted to be one-maybe because of Mavis.  I think I knew Mavis less than any one of my other aunts. She was married to Jim Davis when I came into the picture. Betty and Mary Lou were 19 and 16.  They played with me.  Mavis was 24 and an adult in my child's eyes.   She didn't play with me; she found someone who was my age to play with me.

I will always remember that she helped Mom and Dad financially to pay from my college.  It wasn't a whole lot, but any amount was appreciated.  I didn't know until she was gone.  I wish I could have thanked her. I love Mavis Davis! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Walking from Seattle to Key West

with Alan Christoffersen.  Well, not literally, but 'literature-ly'.

I just finished reading The Walk, a series of five books by Richard Paul Evans.  I loved every step of the 3,000+ mile walk and the few breaks we had to take. Here are some of the highlights of our journey, book by book.

The Walk (The Walk, #1)The Walk by Richard Paul Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alan has lost everything: his wife, his house, his business, and his cars.  He packs his back pack; leaves his faithful employee and friend in charge of what is left of his money and possessions; and starts walking  from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida. Well, I going on a his journey with him. Alan's story caught me and won't let go. While there are tender moments that make me tear-up, the story is not sappy. I am looking forward to seeing the places his journey takes him. I have been to all 50 States and I want to see if he travels through some of the same places I have. The first part of his ''Walk" keeps him in Washington State.  We get as far as Spokane before we have to come to a halt for five months.  Here we meet Angel who turns out to be a flesh and body one. There's a story here, but won't spoil it for you.  I have only been to Washington's coast; therefore, Central and Western Washington was new territory for me.

Miles to Go (The Walk, #2)Miles to Go
I love this story. We are covering a lot of territory on this leg of the trip: Spokane to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where we meet Kailamai, another story. Then, we went to Ennis, Montana, through Yellowstone National Park, to Cody, Wyoming, and stopping at Rapid City, South Dakota and Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.  A lot of the places I have actually visited. It was fun to go there again with Alan. This series of books is a really fast read so I am reading them as one novel. The minute I finish one I start the next one.

The Road to Grace (The Walk, #3)The Road to Grace
I am still enjoying the journey.  We started out at Rapid City and went east, passing Wall Drug, everyone knows about Wall Drug. Then, we crossed the border or Idaho into Sioux City, Iowa, and went on south to Sidney.  We are halfway to Key West! We keep on going through St. Joseph and Hannibal, Missouri.  Then, we hit a speed bump in St. Louis and our journey is again delayed to get over it.  I am a meeting a lot new people from diverse backgrounds and lives. I will keep walking...just started 'A Step of Faith'.

A Step of Faith (The Walk, #4)A Step of Faith
We got over the speed bump and are on our way again. Starting in St. Louis and to Memphis, Tennessee, and Tupelo, Mississippi, to visit the haunts of The King.  Wow, we go through Birmingham, Alabama, and across, Southern Georgia.  Oops, we are going to have to take a break again.  It's been a long walk, but I am hanging in there and loving every step. We are in the South now-my part of the country. I am recognizing more of the places and certainly can relate to the people. Mr. Evans captures each moment like he has actually made this walk. Can hardly wait to get the last one!

Walking on Water (The Walk, #5)Walking on Water
Finally, we are on the last miles of our journey. We started our journey again at the Northern border of Florida through the Okefenokee Swamp, Kennedy Space Center, Miami and finally landed at the Southernmost tip of Key West. I did not like this book as much as the other four books. There were too many pages devoted to the past history of Alan's family. I did not think it added too much to the story. The ending seemed anti-climatic. I am not sure how I wanted the story to end; it just seemed to fall short of the rest of the journey. It took so long to get here. Even the Epilogue was disappointing. I thought it needed more or maybe I was just sad to end the journey. 

Well worth the read. Recommend!
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A Note: What I thought most interesting?  The author and his daughter actually took this trip from Seattle to Key West by car to do the research for this book.  They actually met one of the characters along the way.  What a great way to research a book and bond with your daughter.