Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crystal Bridges, Museum of American Art

Sculpture at Entry...
...yes, it is metal!
No matter who you are or where you are...if you ever get the chance to visit Crystal Bridges, Take It!  How lucky we are in Arkansas, USA, to have received such a wonderful gift through the auspices of Alice Walton, daughter of Sam Walton or Walmart!
Us, with one of the bridges in the background,
which houses Early Twentieth-Century Art
It is on the Lower Level (LL)

Our daughter and son-in-law traveled from San Francisco not only to visit us, but to go to Northwest Arkansas and Crystal Bridges.  And, they did with us along for the ride!  

This Bridge houses the Restaurant, Eleven!
Good Food and Great Art!
Crystal Bridges opened on 11/11/11, Veteran's Day.  Its opening made National Headlines in a number of publications and broadcasts.  CBS Sunday Morning had a segment with an overview of the museum and an interview with Ms. Walton.  

It is a museum for everyone.  It tells the American story from the early 1700's through today through art.  Some of my favorites were in the Temporary Exhibitions...a lot of collage and fabric art.  One piece by Debovah Sperber consisted of over 20,000 spools of thread that formed 'The Last Supper' upside down.  You could see it right side up through a crystal ball positioned a view feet from the piece.

There are several lot of walking trails where you will encounter 'Art' at every turn. Not all of the collection is in place.  We plan to go back when leaves are on the trees.  Hopefully, more of the outdoor pieces will be in place.  

Places where sculptures/structures 
are to be installed in the future are marked with large boulders and a simple label...ART.  
Wouldn't you know it?  It is a small world!  
Arthur and Dolly on hiking trail...
where we ran into them!
We happened to run into our friends, Arthur and Dolly, as we made our way along one of the walking trails.  It is amazing how often we run into friends or friends of friends or relatives or people who knew/know our friends or relatives in places where we least expect them. 

And Crystal Bridges, an unexpected treasure hidden in the woods not far from the downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, USA!  Challenge: Go!  You will not be disappointed!

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