Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Cozy Reading Mysteries

I just read two "cozy mysteries (aka cozies)" in a row...oops!...make that three.  1st and 2nd: Murder is Binding  and Bookmarked for Death by Lorna Barrett and 3rd:  Crafty is Killing by Lorraine Bartlett.  Please note the similarity in the names.  While I was reading A Crafty  Killing, I kept thinking that the formula 
and the writing were very similar.  

Sure enough, I just looked her up on the Internet. They are indeed one in the same person.  In fact, she had a third incarnation, 
L. L. Bartlett, author of the Jeff Resnick psychological/suspense series. 

This is my top ten list of "cozy" series.  If you like a "comfort" read, don't miss these:

The Cat Who....by Lilian Jackson Braun.  I have read them all twice and listened to them once.  I usually do not read a book twice, but these really caught me!  Ms. Braun died in June of this year.  Some of her later books were disjointed.  I would stop at The Cat Who Brought Down the House.

# 2 Anne George
The Southern Sisters Mysteries...by Anne George.  Ms. George died after the 8th book.  They are set in Birmingham, Alabama.  The main characters are two sisters, Patricia Anne, aka Mouse and her sister, Mary Alice.  They are wonderful! Unfortunately Ms. George died after the 8th book so we will have to make do with these eight books!

Miss Zukas by Jo Dereske 
Miss Zukas Mysteries...Helma Zukas is a librarian...Ah, I love librarians.  I always wanted to be one, but alas it was not to be...that is...until I retired and started working part time at my branch library.  Librarianship is in my genes.  My mother worked at a library during the depression, my aunt was a school librarian as was my cousin. Now I am a librarian or an LAI...Librarian Assistant...translate that to read a library wannabe.

Miss Julia Series
#4 Ann B. Ross

Bed & Breakfast Series

#6 Mary Daheim

Hamish MacBeth-Be sure and checkout the BBC Series DVD from your library.  They took liberties with the scripts.  They are a compilation from several of her books.  She also writes "Agatha Raisin" mysteries, but they are not my favorite read.

#8 Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Brown
Mrs. Murphy mysteries-If you like animals that talk to each other, this is the one for you.  I enjoyed a few of them and then decided that it wasn't for me.

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