Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Thought for the Day: 

Whenever a thing changes and quits its proper limits, this change is at once the death of that which was before....Lucretius, Roman Poet and Philosopher, 99BC-55BC

Yes, I am repeating myself.  I just looked at an old post.
Deja Vu...

An OpEd column

Subjects covered in a Potpourri Section:
Crafting - I have decided I need a cross reference for ideas and techiques in my many magazines and reference books.
Household Tips - Ones I have actually tried and found them to work.  I use them in my daily life
Quilting - I have already dedicated this year to finishing my "heirloom" quilt.  Document techniques I am using and my progress. 

Book Reviews

Movie Reviews

Favorite Things: Words, Colors, Songs, Movies, Poems

This list will continue from time to time.  This whole blog could probably be called Potpourri.  I might even end this one and start over.

This is about the journey.

Until, Esmee

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