Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wall Street, the Movie

I didn't see the movie.  My husband went and said it was a "tear jerker"  I wasn't in the mood for a "what happened next" movie.  Something told me that is would be a "tear jerker".  I wasn't in the mood to cry through a movie.  Believe me;  it is not a pretty sight.  When I nose...can't breath.  

Regardless, he came home talking about the music.  We bought it ASAP.  His comment..."Normally, I don't think about the music in a movie.  This was a first.  The music was great!"

I have to agree.  It is wonderful.  I find myself humming the first song in my mind when I wake up and sometimes during the day it will just "be there".  Brian Eno came through to us as a crossword puzzle word...eno.  Somehow, we missed him.  We love his style.


  1. I had no clue that this would be a 'tearjerker'. I may have to see it.

  2. Tearjerker? really? does this movie show the downfall and the effects of the characters?

  3. omg, listening to the lead song- kewl......