Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Albert and Gage

Our favorites...We first heard Christine Albert and Chris Gage at the Acoustics Cafe at the Second Presbyterian Church.  

(The Acoustic Sounds Cafe lasted for ten years until Joe Henry, a volunteer director/organizer extraordinaire, decided it was time to hang it up for the good life.  It was wonderful.  We heard a lot of great acoustic artists.  Some well-known; some not so well-known.  How lucky were we to have the benefit of such a venue for great music.)

Albert and Gage are in Austin, Texas. 
Chris* and sometimes,

Christine, can be found at 

Donn's  Depot...actually old train cars linked together to make a really unique experience in live music. 

We actually sat at the piano bar with Chris on the keyboards.  We were really lucky because the night we were there Christine joined Chris.  

Connect to their link
and you can hear a

My favorite album is TexaFrance by Christine accompanied by Chris.  It is a mixture of songs in French and English. I play La vie en rose...a lot! 

We subscribe to their email updates and keep thinking we'll make another trip to Austin to hear them.  So far, the timing is off...one of these days.

*My husband, AKA Chuck, thinks he is the best all-round musician he has ever heard.

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