Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning Glory

Went to see "Morning Glory" this afternoon....second day after release.
It was really fun and made up for the bummer DVD rental night before last,
"It's Complicated".  

I met my friend on the back row of the theater.  She likes to sit on the last row and I am getting to like it, too.  My husband hasn't bought into it yet, but I am working on him.

Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton were great in their roles.  At one point we were "hold your sides" laughing. "Hold your sides" laughing is good for the soul!...and your health, if some reports are to be believed....and I do.

Oh, forgot.  I'm going to keep 
Patrick Wilson :)  and don't won't to leave out Rachel McAdams...she played her part to a "T"....

See another review at Fandango.

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