Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sale Time at Central Arkansas Library

It's that time again...last one of the year! 
November 12-14 
10 to 4 - Fri. and Sat. 
(9am for FOCAL members)
1-4 - Sunday

FOCAL "Friends of the Library" 
holds a sale
in the basement of the Main Library 
three times a year.
What a bargain...
all hardbacks are $1; 
paperbacks are 50 cents.  
You can even find records, 
videos, and CD's. 

If you are in our area, come join us.  I'll be there on Saturday.  

My contribution
using old LP's and CD's

My current assignment is the Children's Section.

I really had fun with it.  I love organizing and decorating it. 

We were really lucky to have a mural artist volunteer her time to paint these wonder scenes on the walls and columns.
Rapunzel in the Romance Section
Don't you agree?

This sale be my "Swan Song" as a weekly volunteer.  For the  last three years  I shelved Religion, Biography, Memoirs, Humor, Western, Education, Odds and Ends and New Age.  I will miss the sale room and my fellow volunteers, but it's time for a change.  The change is as a part-time Library Assistant at the branch library close to my house.  I love all my fellow workers and working with patrons.  I am not leaving the library; I am just going to get paid for working.  

Yea!  Sing a song
for a paid job after
retirement! :D

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  1. Hi Esmee! I'm so glad you found my Seedplanter Designs blog, because it gave me an opportunity to visit yours as well. I'm a children's author & photographer who fell in love with the library back in first grade. I don't ever remember a time when I wasn't surrounded by books.

    What a great place to work, in the children's room of your library! LOVE how it's decorated--so colorful and pretty. I still enjoy visiting that section in my library as well.

    My dad was raised in Monticello, so I know your state well! When we were kids, my parent took us from the west coast back to visit our cousins every other summer. Such good memories!

    I'm joining your blog so I can revisit soon.