Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good News! Bad News?

I know it is not yet the middle of the year, but I feel the need for an accounting of my 2011 Resolutions...well, maybe just two of them.

I finished quilting my Life Time/Heirloom Double Wedding Ring Quilt.  Resolution No. 2 for 2011-Done!  I still have to finish the Vintage Quilt Block Wall Hanging.

Now you would think I could wash the Double Wedding Ring Quilt and let it go?  ...of course not!  I had always wanted a little yellow in the quilt, but couldn't figure out where to put it.  As soon as I finished the the last stitch in the ditch, I had an inspiration.  

I am thinking of appliquéing butterflies flitting across it.  I am also, embroidering the quilting in the center of the quilt. 

 So much for checking off Resolution No. 2.  It's still on my list to complete this part of the project by the end of the year.

I also have a Blog: Tips 'n Good Stuff...Resolution No. 1
I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I am going to start incorporating my tips with this blog and my other Blog: Eating In and Out and About. 

Tip: Threading Needles

For all purpose thread:  hold the needle over a white piece of fabric.  Look through the needle to the fabric.  Cut the thread at an angle and thread through the eye.  The eye is easier to see and thus the thread goes in easier.  

For crewel embroidery thread:  cut a piece of paper the width of the eye of the needle.  Fold in half and place thread inside fold.  Slip fold into eye and pull through.  Easy, easy, easy as pie!

For bulky yarns:
Use Dental Floss Threaders

For quilting: thread several needles at a time on the spool.  Then, you don't have to stop each time and thread. 
It takes a few minutes, but worth it.

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