Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There Comes a Time...

The Time is Now! --- 

Time to resolve for 2011! --- jumping in "feet first"! 

 Here goes...
No. 1  Actively Blog on my "Tips 'n Good Stuff" Blog...and certainly continue my other two Blogs:
PLAID Pages, a journal and Eating In and Out and About.  I know all my friends label me "Over Achiever".  So, I love to Blog why not do what I love doing?

Work in Progress
for 20 years-2010
Walling Hanging
Vintage Fabrics and
Started 2010
No. 2  Finish my Quilts that are "almost" there and start on some more that are in the drawer waiting for their turn...know in the Quilt World as "UFOs".

See My Post
No. 3  Continue to downsize...My inspiration is "Throw Out Fifty Things" ...In 2010 I got to No. 8.  I am aiming for 17 more in 2011.  That will put me half-way through.  I am adding No. 9 today:  Delivered unused Christmas Decorations to Goodwill and the Library...reducing my 10 boxes to 5.

A Valentine Book
for Chuck...all the Valentines
he sent me over 30 years
into a blank book from
sale table at
Barnes and Noble
No. 4  Arts and Crafts will always be on my list.  I discovered I have done something "crafty" all of my life so why stop now.  I have a list of albums to make using old coffee table books and blank journals instead of "bought" picture albums or scrapbooks.  In the list for 2011 is:  Arizona, California, San Francisco, "Grant" a tribute to my Dad and one for my Mom....and the list goes on and on.  I will do them as I am inspired. 
Love Lost and Found
 I also love altering 
old "paint-by-number" 
pictures picked up over 
the years from flea markets 
and thrift stores.

No. 5  Start an "Art Journal".  For some reason I woke up on New Year's Day 2011 thinking I wanted to see if I could draw.  I like Calligraphy so I want to draw with pen and ink using watercolor wash as a background.  My daughter sent me the perfect book for my Journal...maybe that's what triggered this urge?

No. 6 Lose 10 pounds-always resolved to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I weigh and measure at the beginning of every month and use a combination of "calorie counting" and "limiting my carbohydrates" to maintain and hopefully to lose... admittedly not always successful but maintaining 2010.  Also, Chuck and I swim, do weights, walk on the track or treadmill, and take a Yoga class as least one time a week at the Jim Dailey Fitness Center.

Six is Enough, don't ya think?---

In the words of Porky Pig---

 "Th-th-th-that's all folks!"

Stayed Tuned for Updates

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