Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Time for an accounting!  
January, 2010 I was actually brave enough to Blog my New Year's Resolutions.  Thinking that being accountable to the Blogging World would motivate me to actually keep them.   

Now the moment has come for me to step up to the plate
and see how I did!

Quarterly Publication from
Somerset Studio
No. 1:  Blog...Done!  I didn't blog daily, but I give it a thumbs up.  Wow, how can you ask for a better validation than to be named a "Blogger of Note" for my first effort...September 7 I was so honored.  As a result, a large group of followers found my Blog worthy of their friendship.  
No. 2: Update and my website through Homestead/Intuit-Not Done!  I use this site mainly for family and it serves tochronicle and archive our family pictures.  I just didn't seem to make the time.

No. 3: Finish my Double Wedding Rings quilt: Almost doesn't get it!  I am just a few hours away.  As my husband so thoughtfully said: "This was a self-imposed deadline."   I do have a choice.  Indeed, he is right!  It's just that I am not proud of my choice.

I did start and almost finish and almost finish
 a Wall Hanging Quilt using vintage fabrics 
and embellishments.

Both will go on next year's list....

No. 4: Lose 10 pounds-Darn!  All I can say is that I maintained. "Does that count?" (Does everyone put dieting* on their annual list?) *I prefer to say I am changing my eating habits.  Ha!  No matter what I want to call it-I did not lost 10 pounds! ARGGGG! I feel like I am carrying around a 10 pound bowling ball...there's always next year :)

Display cabinet at Library
No. 5: Collage photo albums: Done!  I have to admit I chose different ones that the ones listed, but I finished my projects...resulting in a much complimented six-week display in the foyer of my branch library.

Album of all Valentine's my husband
has given me over the last 30 years!

No. 6: Add watercolor and calligraphy to my collage work:  Not Done!  No excuses...just didn't seem to be inspired for my projects.

I "heart" you all!
I will let this settle for a few days.
Then, I will be brave again and post my Resolutions for 2011. . .
"Your opinion counts."  You keep me focused.  I appreciate your comments and the time you take to tell a fellow Blogger what you like and sometimes what you don't.  I speak for myself, but I suspect for all Bloggers, a thoughtful comment is a special reward and  keeps us posting again and again...and besides I just love it!

"Thank you" doesn't seem to say enough, but "Thank You"! 

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