Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed In....

From my door
Winter Snow 2011

I love to be snowed in...  

Down the hill...Winter 2000
We live on a "big" hill and I don't have an "essential" job that requires me to be at work! 

I have no excuses...except, plain procrastination:)  I will tend to "house" things that have been put on the back burner because the weather was too nice to be indoors! working on my Blogs...oops how did that get on the list?  

I am focusing on my New Year's resolutions today:

1. Another item to throw out
I added No. 9 yesterday...eliminated 3 plastic bins of Christmas Decorations...donated two to Goodwill and one to my branch library to decorate the tree next year.

 2. Working on my "20-year" Quilt...
I'll work on this one while we watch a movie this afternoon.  I checked out "Hairspray" from the library last week when I heard the "snow" forecast.

3. Actively Blog on my two other Blogs:
Tips 'n Good Stuff and Eating In and Out and About.

The good news---Chuck is painting the ceiling of a bedroom while I am "playing"!  Hooray for me!


  1. I love a snowy day as well!! It is icy in the DFW area today and I join you in the pursuits of indoor accomplishments!

  2. I did it...stayed focused! I quilted, blogged and threw out! Tomorrow is another day!

  3. Esmee, it was fun to revisit your blog this morning and see your snowy view! We get snow now and then, and one year our valley awoke to 8 inches. That is rare. There's something magical about waking up to snow-the stillness, for one thing.

    Enjoy the winter. Spring will be here before we know it!

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