Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day Trip!!!

Tuesday is now designated as "our" golf day.  I am actually playing golf.   Last week we went to Hot Springs Village and this week we ventured to Heber Springs/Greer's Ferry Lake to Tannenbaum Golf Club. It is actually just this side of  Drasco.

I got bored with hitting golf balls at the range.  I need to play.  So far, so good!  I doing pretty good with my tee shots and my putting.  It's the "tween" (in between the tee and the green) shots that need work.   

When I am having a playing lesson, we play at The First Tee of Central Arkansas.  Chuck is an Assistant Golf Professional there as well as offering private lessons...
I get a special family rate:)

 We usually play nine holes unless we go to War Memorial Park in Little Rock.  It is a shorter course so we play 15 holes.  We don't keep score and when I really mess up on a hole, I just call it an "X".  I am having fewer and fewer "X's"....I have had one birdie, some pars, some bogies and some double bogies...and then, of course, some X's.  I am progressing.  Someday I'll even keep score.  Then, I may be ready to play with Chuck in a Scramble*, which is our ultimate goal...and what started my on this journey.  

*Scramble: a tournament where you and your partner play from where the best ball lies.  

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