Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tripping into Fall

Buffalo River at Ponca
We have been on a journey...a couple of "day trips" to be exact.  We took two "day trips" to find some Fall color in Arkansas.  Why you say?  Because Chuck is looking for inspiration for his painting.  

We took one trip to the Buffalo River through Atkins to Dover to Ponca back to Clarksville  and home.

The River at Ponca

On the road back to Clarksville

On our second trip we took our sister, Peggy, and headed to Heber Springs, Red Apple Inn and Greer's Ferry Lake.  

Some "color" at entrance to Red Apple Inn
These pictures were taken at Swan Lake (see Blog) outside Heber Springs...after we had lunch at Macks Fish House.

Peg and Me 
Chuck and Peg
What we found....Not a lot of color, but we enjoyed our trips and got some photos to inspire "the artist".
No Color...I just liked this picture!


  1. I have been wanting to go to Heber Springs.....perhaps I will someday! Beautiful post.

  2. Thanks! I think you will like the area...lots of things to do for a day trip or an overnighter. Aromatique (potpourri!) is there. Also, some good places to eat and some antiquing to be had. The main attraction, however, is Greer's Ferry Lake. If you go, find a place on Eden Isle as your base. Happy traveling!