Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day at Swan Lake

We took a day trip to celebrate St. Valentine's Day!  I had seen a post on a blog from a member of the Arkansas Women Bloggers .
I knew I had to go! 

I am a collector by nature. 
A Swan TV Lamp
from the 60's
Hull Pottery Planter
At one point I was 
an avid collector of 
ceramic swans.  
I out of my "swan" phase now...
but still had to see them.  

What a wonderful site! 
They come to Magness Lake, E&W Refuge outside Heber Springs, Arkansas, each year on their way North.  

They usually leave around February 14 so we were really lucky they were still there.  

We had a little trouble finding the lake. (Mainly because I forgot to bring my directions:)  We gave up and stopped for lunch.  A nice waitress at Mack's Fish House gave us good directions.   As I suspected, if we had just gone a little further down the road, we would have been more successful.

Sugar Loaf Mountain, Heber Spring, Arkansas
We were actually only a couple of miles away when we took this picture of Sugar Loaf Mountain.  

All's well that ends well!
We had a nice lunch, met a nice lady and saw the swans.  It was a great Valentine's Day.  Hope your day was as lovely as ours!

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  1. Beautiful birds! Great photography, too. I'm a confirmed collector, but trying to cut back on it and get rid of some of the stuff. Toooo much! I collect rocks and seashells and Santa figurines and post cards and stamps and variety lights (lava lamps and that sort of thing), pins and other rhinestone jewelry and more. Some of it is involuntary. I get one of something, admire it and the kids get me more of it and then friends start doing it and next thing you know I have a collection! LOL