Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine ProphecyThe Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
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I am always interested in "New Age" ideas and thoughts. I read this book in 1994.  It took me a while to find my summary of it.  It was in a journal begun in 1974 to which I add books, quotes, events meaningful to me and my life at that particular time.  I may go years without an entry. In fact, my last entry was in April, 2008.  
After watching the DVD I was prompted to post this book to goodreads.  It was not great art, but a good pictorial presentation of the material.  I would suggest it might be used in conjunction with your reading the book...and I do recommend the book to you.

Seventeen years later, it is interesting to reflect on the lasting impact it had on how I interact to events and people who cross my path. The one thing that stands out: "I pay attention to coincidences.  Things happen to us and people come into our life for a reason.  I try to find that reason.  It may be something I have to give to them. It may be something they will give to me."
It is also interesting to note that the message that came to me from watching the DVD was on a higher plain.  "Peace will come to my personal relationships or even entire world if each of us gives positive support/energy to the's reciprocal.  If only one gives, there is not a balance or peace in a relationship".
I also read the Tenth Insight, but found it lacking.  My opinion:  it was trying to capitalize on the success of the first book and fell short.  I will have to revisit it...maybe my memory is what is lacking???  I have the Guide, but never wanted to immerse myself into this activity...and as I was adding these links to Amazon, I found there is an 11th and also a 12th Insight...who knew? I didn't and don't think I will know!

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