Sunday, February 20, 2011

The King's Speech

I just watched "60 Minutes"!  The segment included an interview Colin Firth and his nomination for the movie "The King's Speech".  I have to tell you...tears are still in my eyes and I have just blown my nose!  I have already blogged about this movie, but I was overwhelmed with the "60 Minutes" segment.  

Number 1: I was alive when this was happening...beyond thinking about!  

Number 2: Scott Pelley, CBS reporter was shown actual documents of the interaction between the King, George VI and his therapist/friend, Mr. Logue.  The documents are in possession of Mr. Logue's grandson.  I wish I was in Scott Pelley' place.  I could feel myself there when he held a letter from the was beyond my comprehension...therefore, the tears!  

I can hardly wait for the Oscars.  I actually saw the movie! ....more tears to come...I promise!

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