Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where did my time go?

I can't believe it...I haven't posted since October 12...not one word. I honestly do not know where the time went!  I even keep lists so I know that I have accomplished something from day to day.

Looking back over the 12 days---

I ran a My Memories Suite giveaway.  Which I confess did not prove to be successful except for me.  I did get a free copy of the software for running a Giveaway.  However, there were no takers from my Blog followers or from my Facebook.  Perhaps there weren't any "digital" scrapbookers among them or if there were, they already had the software they needed.

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I have also been busy stocking my etsy shop.  I now have 45 items in inventory with more to come.  Right now there are vintage aprons, curtains and handkerchiefs.  I am almost ready for the Grand Opening.  I am not sure what that means.  I have already had a few sales without a Grand Opening or any publicity.

Work at the library took up some of the time as did golfing and quilting.  Also,  just day to day, washing, cooking...reading...watching dvd's...going to the Rep and an Emmanuel concert in Conway!

Now the big question;  Am I really retired?  hmmm....Technically, the answer is "yes".  However, I am as busy as I was when I worked a 40-hour week.  That was when I worked five days and was off two...never enough time.  Now I work three days a week and am off four...still not enough time.

I have always liked what I am doing at the moment and I still do!!!  That is the secret-Like what you do!  If you don't, find something that you do and do it, Now...


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