Monday, October 10, 2011

A Night Out in Conway

Our Program
We joined our cousins at the Oak Street Bistro for a great visit during a delicious dinner.  Then, headed to the Reynolds Performance Hall on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway to see Tommy Emmanuel in concert.  

Can you believe we, as lovers of guitar music and one guitar player in the house, had never heard of Tommy Emmanuel?  That is, until some very good friends saw him on AETN, the Arkansas PBS*, and were totally amazed.  They received an email that he would be performing in Conway on October 6 and we jumped at the chance to see him.

We had watched a You Tube video of Tommy playing, but in concert he totally awesome.  I have never seen nor heard such wonderful guitar music.  He is a wonderful showman and very entertaining. 

Pam Rose
Anthony Snape
He was joined by Pam Rose and Anthony Snape who did the warm-up and later joined him at the end of the show.  They did one song that Pam wrote and then an instrumental trio arrangement of "It's a Wonderful Life".  Tommy said it was Pam's and Anthony's first time to do a guitar trio piece.  That was hard to's was like they played together every day.  They made it look so easy!

What a great "night out"!  I think it's called a "Date Night" these days :)

*Public Broadcasting System

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