Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hot Springs Village Revisited

West Entrance

A mini-vacation...we are at it again.  We have been "trying on" Hot Springs Village (HSV) for the last ten years to see if we want to "retire" there. By the way "retire" to us means staying active not sitting in a recliner watching TV.  We subscribe to the theory if you don't use it you lose included.

The first time we went we stayed in a rented condo for three days to see how it felt.  It didn't feel right at all.  The second time we went contacted a real estate agent and looked at a few houses.  It felt better, but felt we weren't ready for a change.  We have been to play golf together on Tuesday or Wednesday when we are off from our part-time jobs.  Chuck goes to play with a group of fellow golfers on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  

This time we went for seven days.  
It felt better.  
We rented a house on 
one of the Isabella golf courses.  

Lake Hamilton
We did all the things that might give us a feel for life in HSV.  We went to church, had latte at the most delightful coffee/gift shop  (Company's Comin'), bought groceries at Cranford's, ate out with friends in Hot Springs and in the Village, commuted back to Little Rock to our jobs, visited friends on Lake Hamilton, played golf, did nothing.  

It was not exactly like living there, but as close as we could get without moving there.  We looked at property to buy, to rent and lease with an option to purchase.  

We liked it and felt like we would enjoy living there.  Now it is a matter of it being the "right" time.  Is it or isn't it?  Both of us like our small town within our larger town and our jobs in Little Rock.  It is now time to put the pencil to the paper and see what the $'s say.

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