Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seven Days in Utopia

Well...being a "golfer" wanna-be married to a "real" golfer...I went to see Seven Day in Utopia with my husband, the "real" golfer.  He is also my teacher and has been for the last four years.  I know, I am a slow learner.  Not only that, but he wants me to go to movies with him.  I am particular about the movies I watch.  I want a "feel good" angst, no violence and hopefully, not a lot of sadness...happy tears are okay, but not sad ones.  I do not want to dream all night about a movie that I have just watched.

This movie is a "feel good" movie.  True, it is about a young man's journey to become a winner at a significant golf tournament.  However, there is a life lesson for everyone, not just golfers.  I don't think anyone will go see it that isn't a golfer...just because they aren't!

Clockwise: Lucas Black, Robert Duvall,
Deborah Ann Woll, and Melissa Leo
Of course, any movie with Robert Duvall can't be bad.  It wasn't. I don't think it will win any Academy Awards, but I was glad I went to see it.  However, if you aren't a golfer or a golfer wanna-be, you might want to save your money and check it out at your library once it was been released on DVD.

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