Sunday, September 25, 2011

1,000+ Books Read

Read June 23, 2005
Yea!  Time to celebrate.
I have now recorded my
1000th book on  
I still have more to add, but this is a milestone.

Read Sept. 24, 2011
I am not only recording the books I am finishing now, but going back in my archives to add books I read in the past.  The earliest year I had documented in my records was 1977.  There are about 60 books that I know I have read, but do not have a documented date.  There are more without a date...I have read all the books written by Nora Roberts, Jude Deveraux, Lilian Jackson Braun, Agatha Christie, Janet Evanovich...may or may not post all of them.

I have always recorded the books that I have read in an Excel spreadsheet.  I read so many books that I do not always remember what I have read and not have read.  I also read a lot of series books.  When there is a year between books published, I like to refresh my memory before I start the newest book.  I recently lost my spreadsheet and it dawned on me that I was keeping two sets of on goodreads and one in Excel...a duplication of efforts that was unnecessary. I gave up the spreadsheet even though I recovered it later.

If you read a lot and need to keep track of the books you read, goodreads is for you.  How many times have you started to read a book only to find after a few pages that you have read it but don't remember the end so you read it again?  goodreads gives you a short synopsis to remind you of the plot.  Then, you can add your own notes and review to that book.  I also like the ability to connect to my reading friends and keeping a list of my favorite quotes.

I am happy that I found goodreads **!!!  

**I promise they are not paying me :)

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