Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Beat Goes On and On and On! No. 46

The beat is in Nevada.

Our daughter was married in Reno.  She worked at Mt. Rose. We stayed along with our sister and husband at Buffy's in the area.  We took a day trip to Carson City.  

Chuck and I visited Las Vegas many times together or separately.  We attended two horse race handicapping contests: one in Reno at the MGM Grand and the other in Las Vegas at the Sands.

I attended a National Space Grant Conference.  Chuck had to stay at home for that trip.

The background of the ATC above is from a postcard for the Stardust.  I was there in the 60's.  I am still here; it is not.  Neither is The Sands.  They razed it not long after we were there to build the Bellagio.

One of our favorite places, but not on our list to revisit.

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