Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Virginia 25 of 50*

Number 25  of 50 States*- Half Way there

I have been to Virginia numerous times.  It is one of my favorite states.  I once said "if I could live anywhere else besides Arkansas, I would live in Virginia." The country side is very much like Arkansas with shaded lanes, small towns, and a lot of trees.  

Last time: 2013
On the way to Maine
and back to Arkansas
Chuck's first time-
My third time!

Of course, the main draw is the history; especially, Monticello.  I have been to Monticello at least three times that I can document.  I think I must have lived there in a past life!

Taken from the back lawn
Second Time (1974 not sure of date):
International Banking Workshop
University of Virginia
Side Trip to Monticello

First Time:
September, 1973
on the way home from
Vacation to Disney World

From the back
Photo had a little mishap!
Front of Vintage Postage
Jefferson's bed and desk
Back of vintage card (above)
Mailed on Third trip
*For "new to my blog" friends...on May 17, 2010, I visited Wisconsin.
I can now say that I have been in, to or through all 50 United States.
I am committed to make an Artist Trading Card "ATC" for each of
the 50 States.

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