Monday, December 5, 2011

A We Shall Go!

We seem to be keeping I-40 "hot" lately.  We went back the University of Central Arkansas.  This time we attended the 36th Madrigal Feaste presented by the UCA Chamber Singers. We were treated with an awesome concert of Renaissance music and a dinner of Prime Rib of Beef or Chicken.
 I had never attended a current day Madrigal dinner, but Chuck has been to a couple of them.  John Erwin, the Director of the UCA Choir, was also his church choir director in the mid-70's.  He was the UCA Choir Director then and is still the director.  Madrigals were popular in the 16th and 17th Centuries

As we arrived we were announced to the other guests.

The singers arrived in a processional and serenaded us before dinner and during dinner.  The waiters served dessert...a flaming "figgy" pudding...tasting a lot like spice cake with powdered sugar icing.  Then, the Chamber Singers serenaded us with more period Carols as they moved around the room.   

We had a wonderful time!
The music was great 
as were all of the singers. 
We were completely in awe 
by the their talent.  

It is hard to imagine 
the work that went into 
preparing for this
Madrigal Feaste.  

Congratulations to 
Director Erwin and
each and every singer.  

Also, thanks for the great service provided at the dinner...
...kudos to the servers. 


  1. How wonderful!!! I have never been to a Madrigal! (Blush!!) Thank you for sharing YOUR experience! Sounds like great fun!

  2. Linda, good to hear from you again. You need to find one in your area and go! You will enjoy! I found out that a woman and her husband and his best friend all participated in the Madrigal at UCA when they were in college. She told me that the choir members did all of the work...from preparing the scrolls, to decorating the hall and getting their costumes. I am sure they had a great time although it was probably a lot of hard work plus learning the songs.