Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My ETSY Shop....
ESMEE LYNNE, Something Old, Something Handmade

Embroidered/Appliqued Half Apron

I have stocked it with Vintage Everything: Aprons, Christmas, Curtains and more...

Check out my Departments (aka Sections in Etsy lingo): Aprons, Christmas, Curtains, Handkerchiefs, Fabric (Feedsacks)...

Feedsack 38" x 40"
If you love Vintage, like I love Vintage, you will find something you just have to have!!!!

Mini-Quilt in free-standing
decoupage frame

I also have a Section for Art and Supplies...Check them out!

I am in my Shop everyday...stop by and find something you love!
A lot  of new items on the way!  I love finding things in my stash of "old" things to offer you.

Looking for you at ESMEE LYNNE...SOON!

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