Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stardust..a Movie

What entices actors like Robert deNiro and Michelle Pfeifer to make a "B" movie?  Money? Just something to do?  They financed it?  It is beyond me why either one of them chose to be involved with this movie.  It was an okay, fantasy, escapist type of movie.  It was a based on a novel by Neil Gaiman. Believe me...nothing I would have paid money to see.  Maybe it was made especially for direct distribution to a Red Box.  If I was Siskel or Ebert or David Edelstein (CBS Sunday Morning), I would give it a "thumbs down" ...or maybe I would never have watched it.  

However, it made do for night-watching when you were trying to stay await to watch the new Poirot on PBS.  

I did get caught up in the story and it met my criteria of a "happy ending".  So, if you are trying to stay awake for a late night show or just plain do not have anything else to do, this is a DVD to check out of your local library.  It was a "Staff Pick" at mine.  I am going to find out whose "Staff Pick" it was when I go back to work on Thursday.  (Wow, I sound harsh, but I am not apologizing!)


  1. it's a cool flick, they made into a "A".

  2. Excuse my ignorance...what is an "A"?