Monday, December 20, 2010

2010-My Favorite Web Sites

1.  Amazon  (see Sidebar)
I buy books for my crafts at a fraction of the price...the shipping is always the same unless my books qualify for Free Shipping.

2.  goodreads  (see Sidebar) 
I found goodreads this year and immediately started posting my books that I am reading.  I am also adding my  book history.  Five years ago I started keeping a spreadsheet of the books I read.  I have to...I read too many books.  I even make a note about the story.  When I get a new book in a series, I go to my notes to refresh my memory before I start reading.  Some people I know wait until all books in the series have been published...not patience!

3. Paperback Swap  
This is a wonderful site for all readers and purchasers of  books.  I have been a member for two years.  It is not limited to paperbacks, but that is all I want to swap.  The only cost to you is the postage to mail books when they are requested.    You inventory the books that you would like to trade.  When you have a request, you mail the book and get a credit.  You can then spend that credit to request a book.  The person accepting your request then pays to send it to you. 
Very easy and use friendly.

4. ATCS for All  

A website for creators and traders of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)...of whom I am one.  
ATCs are little pieces of art...2 1/2" by 3 1/2".  I saw an article and then coincidently my branch library started a program for those interested in making and trading ATCs.  I had no idea...just when you think you had heard it all!  The leader of the group has been involved for ten years.  On-line you can trade ATC's, postcards, inchie's, twinchie's, 4x4's....just about anything on which you can create art.  You can paint, draw, stamp or collage.  There are swap challenges or you can trade one on one.  Take a look...who knows...try it; you may like it :D

I love Snapfish and have for five years.  I upload my photos to share with my friends and family.  I order prints for pennies and they are mailed to me within days.  I use Snapfish when I want a lot of saves on my ink and paper.  I also compose and order books/albums of my photos...mainly, to document a special trip and once a year an album of my year in photos by month.

6. Picasa 

Just started using Picasa this year in connection with my blog.  I can now place a slideshow of my pictures or art on my blog.  It is also easy for my to share my latest photos with my friends and family.  You were probably already using Picasa-weren't you? :)  

7.  Facebook
I can't leave out Facebook.  I check it out at least three times a day.  I connect with some of my friends and family.  I also  connect with my favorite authors, websites, TV stations and places I shop. I get coupons, notices of sales and new books coming out.  I resolved in January to participate and I have.
Mark one resolution: "Done".

I saved the best to last:
8.  Blogger (You are reading this so I guess I don't need a "Link")
What can I say?  I made a New Year's resolution this year to learn more about blogging...and I did!  I love it.  Not only did  I get hooked, but I got to be a "Blogger of Note" on September 7, 2010.  What an honor!!!  I don't know how to actually thank the mysterious panel that picks the noteworthy bloggers...but THANKS.  I am really honored. I now have many followers from all over the globe...thank you followers, too!  I love it when you comment.  Although I may not post every day, I check my blog every day to read my comments.   I love them all! 
Mark another resolution: Done!

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