Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Shell" We Talk Collecting (again:D)

 Yes, I am back...

"confessing to collecting".


Shells in the yard...

I love shells.  I love shells in all forms. 

I even like taking a picture of me taking a picture of shells.

I love to craft with shells.  What do you think? 
Interactive "Sea Chest"

In a printer's tray with mini perfumes
Shells on display...just because

Scorpio and Libra on the beach
They are as close as I am going to be to the beach.  I love being near the water.  I am not really a "water sports" person, but I am a Scorpio.  FYI or maybe TMI--Scorpio is an astrological "water" sign.  Even the rain energizes me.  My husband is a Libra, a "sun" sign...they say opposites attract.  That seems to be true!

Shells, shells and more shells...someone stop me!


  1. I totally understand!. I love shells too.. I also collect rocks that have been tumbled in the ocean!. driftwood, heartshaped rocks, would love to find some sand dollars!.

  2. I love the picture of you with your camera, in the frame!!
    Congratulations on being a Blog Of Note!!