Thursday, October 28, 2010

Georgia - On My Mind! (Number 40)

In the 50's
I went to  Decatur, Georgia *
to visit my aunt, Mary Lou, 
and my cousins, Susan and Leigh. 

It was my first plane trip.  
The day my plane departed I also had tickets to see Dragnet, the movie, and its star, Jack Webb, in person.

Built in 1925 now on
National Register
for Historic Places

Rain was pouring down.  My Mom and Dad picked me up 
at the Strand Theater (after I got his autograph:)  It must have been scary for them to put me on the plane...their only my teens...but still a child.  We took off in the rain.  
The minute we got above the rain clouds the sun came out.  It was a wondrous sight.
I shall never forget it.  

I had a great time in Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta.  We went to see Joel Chandler Harris' house and Br'er Rabbit's brier patch.  One day I walked by myself to downtown Decatur.  I bought a Revlon Fingernail Polish Kit for my souvenir.  

The highlight of my trip was a bus ride to downtown Atlanta and lunch at Rich's Department Store.  I felt so grown up. 

I keep going back...a family trip to Savannah and a business trip for a conference at Georgia Tech.  Chuck and I went in 2008 on our "Southeast Tour".  Our destination was Charleston, South Carolina.  We stopped to  see Mary Lou in Decatur, 

Milledgeville, Capitol 1804 - 1868
went through 


and Athens, home of the University of Georgia.  

What Fun!

Fond Memories will keep "Georgia On My Mind"!

*For "new to my blog" people...on May 17, 2010, I visited Wisconsin.  
 I can now say that I have been in, to, or through all 50 United States.
 I am committed to make an Artist Trading Card "ATC" for each of
 the 50 States. Hence, the label-50 States.

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