Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It was all about Golf in No. 41 Alabama

We have been in and out of Alabama several times.  When we head for the beaches of the panhandle of Florida we go through Mobile and "FloraBama" at the border..  The first year we were married we came back through Bellingrath Gardens in the southwest corner of the State.  

We made one quick trip to Birmingham to analyze Chuck's swing for a new set of golf clubs.  I want to go back and look for some of the sites used in the Anne George "Sister" mystery series. (If you haven't read them, you have missed a good time.)

Our favorite trip to Alabama was with our Sister and Brother-in-Law to hit the highlights of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.  What fun! 
Magnolia Grove, 
Capitol Hill, 
Grand National, 

Grand National, 

The guys played and the gals shopped.  

It was a great way to tour the State ...Mobile,Greenville, Prattville and Auburn/Opelika
Great breakfast in Mobile,
grits and tomato gravy!! 
Whoever heard of
tomato gravy...
it was delicious!
The Golfer Guys in Greenville

and again in Prattville
Shopping Gal after a hard day shopping...
Other Shopping Gal taking picture!

A side trip 
by one Golfer Guy and Shopping Gal to Montgomery, the Capitol of Alabama.
While the other Golfer Guy and Shopping Gal enjoyed the magnolias.

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