Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roy Rogers...My Hero

Cover of book by Georgia Morris and Mark Pollard
When I was little, I spent many a Saturday at the neighborhood movie.   Me, my friends and I would go to see the movie of the week and the serial that came before it.

Cover of DVD I bought along
with one (below) of Roy and the gang!

My favorite serial was 
the Perils of Nyoka.  I had always remembered her as Nyoka of the Jungle.  

Then came the main attraction...
Gene Autry
The Three Musketeers
Lash LaRue
Hopalong Cassidy

I bought a set of DVDs
for good memories...
Part of US Postal Service
tribute to Cowboys
But none could equal my hero...Roy


The best part was the action after the movie.  We would walk home and play cowboys/cowgirls and Indians the rest of the day.  I was Nyoka must of the time.  :)
I don't remember stopping for lunch.  If we did, we were right back outside chasing the bad guys...riding and shooting until the next Saturday when we started all over again.


  1. Aww. That was a delightful little anecdote. When I was younger (much, MUCH younger than I am now...because I'm pretty much the fledgling in my family) my Saturday mornings were spent watching cartoons (some Japanese, some not) with my older brother. I take it you might also be a Bonanza and/or Gunsmoke fan, yes?

  2. Yes, at the time I watched Little Joe, Hoss et al and of course, Marshall Dillon, Kitty and Chester in their heydays!...but several years after I was capturing the crooks with my cap gun! Thanks for the comment!