Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Married By Morning (The Hathaways, #4)Married By Morning by Lisa Kleypas

This definitely was my favorite of the Hathaway Series. Like everyone else I am madly in love with Leo. Ms. Kleypas added the right amount of depth to Catherine and Leo. I loved the fact that she had them tell the truth to each other. I have always found it disconcerting when the characters drag confessions out just to keep me interested. This story kept me interested without such a ploy.

I will say, however, it seems that every other current Regency Romance I read uses a "kidnapping" at the end. Finally, it is confessed and actually expressed that long awaited for "I love you". Another thing I do not like is the need of the author to educate me on a particular subject particular to that period. I like my education to come along with the story. I do not like to stop the story for the lesson at the mere mention of a word or phrase. This happened a couple of times in this book, but was not blatant.

I am a "series" book reader and I am already of the list at my library for Love in the Afternoon. I have a feeling that Beatrix' story is going to be fun!

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