Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Cat Who...

One of my favorite series in the Soft Mystery Genre is The Cat Who... Series by Lilian Jackson Braun.   

The Cat being one KoKo, said to have psychic powers.  I have read the whole series twice and listened to them once.  I am now starting on my third time.  I cannot tell you what I find intriguing about these books, but they do intrigue me.  

The first three books by Ms. Braun were written in the '60's.

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards 

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern

The Cat Who Turned and Off

Then, she took a break to raise her family before writing 27 more books and three short stories.   She is not writing anymore.  Her birth year has been published as 1913 so I am not sure she is still on this plane with us.  Her last few books were not up to her normal standards.  It was time to quit.  However, I shall always love the characters and the basic story line.

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