Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Serious Collector vs. Pack Rat ????

I am a "collector".  I have been a "collector" since I was six years old when my Aunt Mavis sent me a demitasse cup and saucer from a trip.  I still have it today, along with several others. It and my stamp collection are the only collections* that survived from that time.  I also collected salt and pepper shakers, paper dolls, doll house furniture and accessories and movie star pictures from movie magazines.  All of these collections went by the wayside over time.

Now I have several collections that I no longer actively collect.  I know this will surprise you.  There is a point when I know that it is time to quit collecting a particular thing and I do...I stop!  I still have them packed away...

Swan figurines,  
Depression glass Petal Swirl...I use some of the bowls and plates on special occasions, 
Aqua pottery vases, 
Hallmark Christmas ornaments, 
Beanie Baby Bears (I gave about 80 of them to the Library to sell at one of their book sale, but I still have some), 
Paint-by-number pictures, 
View-master viewers and reels (I will still by a reel from a vacation spot :), doll house furniture (mine was lost so I recollected it and more)

I have some collections that are displayed, but I do not collect any more...
Miniature perfume bottles,
(oops, I almost forgot about the sea shells...we'll save that for another day :)

Stereoscope and cards, 
Hummel figurines,
Pop-up books, coffee table books.

I have also tucked away in my storage area  my Dad's collection of Wild Turkey whiskey bottles and Chuck's collection of menus.  There are several collections that I started when I was in the Flea Market business.  They are stored away until they become valuable.  However, I must confess they never will be.  There were too many made and too many people have become collectors...45 rpm records and players, miniature whiskey bottles.

What I am collecting now...
Squished pennies made from tourist attractions when I am on vacation,

Sterling Silver State charms for my bracelet that commemorate my having been in, through or to all 50 States,

Silk men's neck ties, 
(I think men's ties will not be worn by the typical man of the street in the future...although to look at the ties in Dillard's...I do not know who buys all of those ties. )

Miniatures for my printer's tray,
State handkerchiefs when I can find them. (I do not buy them on-line, only from antique malls or flea markets),
Quality vintage rhinestone jewelry,
*Stamps...every year I buy the Annual Commemorative Stamp Album sold by the U.S. Postal Service.

Wow, that is scary to get that on paper and no doubt I will remember some more.  I'll add them later.  My sister-in-law made an interesting observation...I seem to gravitate to small items to collect.  Maybe that is because I am, too.

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