Saturday, February 6, 2010


Thought of the Day:  Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself. --Plato

There is a phenomenon that occurs when you are wanting something and have to request it from someone else. You ask one time and are turned down. Wait a ask for the second time and you get a "maybe". Then, the "third times a charm" ask for the third time and guess what? You get a "yes".

In our home we use the "three times" rule to help us curb our spending.  When we see or think we might want to buy something, we count that as our first time.  Then, we go home and think about it.  The next time we are in the store we see the item and think "We still want it can list the reasons why we need it."  We still are not sure.  Now, this is the test.  We go back again.  Guess what?  The item is no longer there.  We now know that it wasn't ours.  However, if it is and we still have the same desire and need, it is ours.

With that thought...Pleasant Dreams, Esmee Lynne

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