Sunday, August 16, 2015

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree

With anyone else but me...especially if it is a "Tull Apple Tree". 

Yes, there is a Tull Apple Tree and it is named after one of our ancestors. Best of all, we were given a sprout from our cousin's yard.  We over -wintered it in our garage for two winters and thought it was a 'goner'. We were surprised to see it survived and is thriving. It has been transferred to a garden in Benton, Arkansas, so it can stay in the family.  

The Evolution of our Tull Apple Tree

In its new 'temporary' home on the
patio...until it can be transplanted
to the garden in the Fall.

You may find more details by clicking on this link: "Tull Apple".
Briefly: Supposedly coming from France, the Tull Apple originated before 1868 on the farm of Abram Tull in Grant County, Arkansas.  It is grown from root sprouts and is well adapted to Southern growing conditions. We heard on the grapevine that one sprout may have been given to P. Allen Smith to be grown in his Heritage Apple Orchard at Moss Mountain Farm. (psst...only a rumor. I don't see it in the list on his web site!)

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