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Our Adventure in the Land of 'AR'

2015 Summer Tour
JULY 25, 2015

We got two
one for me
one for Chuck
It all began when a friend gave me a link to submit my name of the lottery for Little Rock 'Antiques Roadshow' tickets.  There were only (I repeat, only) 5,000 tickets available.  How could I resist.  I had tried once when they came to Little Rock several years ago, but alas, no cigar. I could only register once and they would let me know on April 28 if I had my tickets.  Yea!  

Now it was time to decide what to take. We mulled over ideas. We approached it as a 'need to know about' more than 'is this going to make us rich'? basis. Chuck decided to take two guns, a shot gun and a 22 that belonged to his Dad...yes, that is what is in the 'black' bag.  I had to hold them while he took the picture.

I knew all along that I would take an original pen and ink drawing by Blue Eagle.  It was given to my Mom in 1933 as a Christmas present from the head librarian where she worked.  I had researched it and found some information about Acee Blue Eagle, but wasn't sure if this was the same Blue Eagle.  The other I item I decided to take was a stacked cloisonne pill box that I acquired somewhere in my 'flea market' days. It had Chinese markings, but I wanted to know more about it. My items are in the small blue bag on my arm.
With the 'Black' Bag

The 'BIG' Day arrived. We left Hot Springs Village about 9:00 am and arrived a the Little Rock Convention Center at 10:30am.  From then on , it was an exercise in standing in one line after another. We wove in and out...reminded us a lot of Disney World.  We stood in line to show our tickets.  Then, we stood in line to get the category assignment for our items.  Then, when we finally found the line for our category, we stood in line some more.  

Chuck and I split up after waiting the 'Arms and Militia' (it was the shortest line) for several minutes only to have the appraiser leave to go film a segment for the show.  He got to go to another appraiser while he was waiting for this one to come back. (They did give him the right to break ahead of the line.)

My longest line was the 'Tribal Arts' line.  I waited maybe about 30 to 45 minutes before I saw my Appraiser, Bruce M. Shackleford, San Antonio, Texas.  Yes, it was a drawing by Acee Blue Eagle and was worth several hundred dollars. By the time I had my appraisal of my 'Blue Eagle' drawing the 'Asian Arts' (for the pill box) had shrunk considerably.  
I waited only about 10 or 15 minutes, to see my Appraiser, Lark E. Mason.  My pill box was Chinese and made around 1920.  He thought is was well done and 'cute', his word, and worth $50.

I have seen both appraisers on TV segments of the Roadshow.  Perhaps, you might recognize them.*  

About this time Chuck showed up.  He was 'done'...stick a fork in him.  He had lugged those guns around for three hours. It was not a pretty picture.  Then, we were both 'done'! All in all we spent about three hours at the Convention Center.  It seemed like forever, but the Adventure was worth it. Now we can hardly wait until we can see the 'Little Rock' event on TV next Fall and can say "We Were There"!

*(Don't tell anyone, but I wasn't supposed to take pictures while in the 'set' area. (Guess who didn't read any signs?:)  I did ask their permission. I wasn't caught until after Lark Mason, but by that time we were on our way out.) 

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