Sunday, November 17, 2013

Celebrating The Day of My Birth

November 14, 2013  I had a great day!

We headed to Little Rock with a list of 'to do's'.  We were pacing ourselves to be back in Benton for dinner.

1st Stop:  Starbuck's on Chenal Parkway

Then, we headed to Schwab, Penney's, and Walmart.

Now for the good part: 
Best Buy for my present!  A new computer!
I selected a Lenovo (IBM product) laptop with Windows 8 with a free upgrade to 8.1...
and a major learning curve. (That's why it has taken me this long to post about my birthday:)

This is the best part!  After leaving Best Buy we had an appointment to see our new Great Great Niece, Ellen.  An make sure she was awake. Our timing was perfect...she was up and ready for company. 

Too Precious!
I love being a Great, Great!
That was not my last stop.  Peg and Del took us out to eat and then for the perfect end of a perfect day...Peggy-Made Egg Custard Pie!

Many cards and 
Best Wishes!
from my friends 
and family 
made my day special! 
Thanks Everyone! 

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