Saturday, October 26, 2013


On August 27, 2013, I had the most pleasant shopping experience ever.  I usually do not share my secrets, but this one was too good to keep.

On our 'Maine Trip' we landed in Camden, Maine, for a couple of days.  Our destination was Deer Isle, but we met up with our family in Camden at the Whitehall Inn...(aside: the movie, Peyton Place was filmed there!)

We spent the day going to museums, eating ice cream, and taking a ride on a schooner, and SHOPPING!

During the shopping portion of our day we walked into the most delightful shop-Jo Ellen Designs. If I had let myself, I would have made a major dent in my vacation 'WAM'.  I satisfied myself with a few small items and lots of pictures. 
They tell the story and are meant to entice you to visit Jo Ellen if you find yourself on Main Street in Camden, Maine.

Visit Jo Ellen Designs at 

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