Friday, July 13, 2012

Reading Zebra Paperbacks

Zebra Regency books are really fun and fast reads. Especially these three by Paula Tanner Girard.*
I have just finished the third one in just as many days. 

First: The Sister Season

Lord Wakeford's Gold Watch

Second: Lord Wakeford's Gold Watch

Third: The Reluctant Groom

I found them as I was unpacking and thought they would do until I got some books I am waiting on to finish another series. I like Paula Tanner Girard. She tells a good story without all of the lust and angst. 

To quote her "I love a fast-paced light-hearted comedy." I do, too.  She writes in the style of Barbara Metzger and I loved all of her books. I do recommend her books if you just want a nice book to curl up with for an afternoon.

*As I was looking for a link for Ms. Girard, I found her obituary.  For those who are her fans I thought I would link it to this post. I am sorry to say that we won't be treated to any new books from her...we'll have to make do with the ones she left us.

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