Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finally, A Room of My Own!

Chuck was lucky
...his room ... 
at times called a
'man cave'...
was move-in ready.

My Room...
("The Etsy Room")
was a bedroom with carpet.
Carpet is not great for 
crafting with glue and 
acrylic paint. I had to wait for a laminate floor and some kind of shelving to be installed. I thought of building some new shelving, but what would I do with all of my cabinets, chests, and tables??? Decision: Keep them and go with the eclectic look.  It's my style after all! 

This is the official unveiling---Ta Da! 

I am loving it. I even took time from the never ending unpacking to work on a project for myself. I have been adding to my inventory on Etsy, but nothing just for me.  I have many projects in the queue.  Some of them are for me, us, gifts, and Etsy.  I promised Chuck that I would bring only one project at a time in the house from the garage or storage.*...unless I want to quilt in the Arkansas room or the living room:)

*Note: In Little Rock I had projects in both guest rooms, the dining room, the breakfast room, the office, and the garage!

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