Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing the "Clean the Fridge" Game!*

At Ya Ya' last September
Every once in a while Chuck and I play the "Clean the Fridge" Game!  It happens when we get too many leftovers or a full freezer or maybe going on a trip.  Regardless, we play until the "fridge" is empty.
This is the time!

Night before last we had spaghetti and meat balls with a tomato/olive/celery slaw.  Chuck made the garlic toast. The spaghetti sauce was in the freezer and enough for two.  The meat balls were also in the a bag bought from Kroger.  I had celery, vine-ripened tomatoes, and olives...sounded Italian to me.  

I chopped all salad ingredients and mixed in Paul Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar salad dressing.  Yum...if I must say so myself.  Actually, Chuck gave it a "thumbs up"!
Now how could I not post a picture of
Paul Newman?  Reallllly! Yummy!!!

We still have a freezer full, but the "fridge" part is getting bare.  We will have to get really creative.  I do have some potatoes and canned veggies in the pantry so all is not lost.
*This is also posted on the blog that Chuck and I share: Eating In and Out and About.  I wanted to share this post with my other friends.  Right now the post are mainly about eating at home and in Arkansas.  We haven't been out of Arkansas since I started the blog, but we fully intend to blog about our eating experiences wherever we go! I'll let you know when we venture out of Arkansas!


  1. I love that idea!! We do that as well. I call it "every man for himself!" we are trying hard to not waste anything......and succeeding pretty well. It feels GOOD to be frugal! Tonight's offering? A bit of Chili/beans or Chicken penne pasta or a repeat of today's lunch of salmon patties, mashed potatoes and canned peas.
    'Waste not---Want not' is a favorite saying of ours!

  2. Amen! Wish I was at your house tonight. I'll go for the chicken penne pasta! We do this sometimes with the bottom of the fridge is full...just pull it all out and we can mix and match until it's all gone. We have some unusual combinations! It sounds a lot like your "every man for himself". However, there is just two of us! "Waste not, want not."