Friday, May 1, 2015

Memories of Mavis

May Day                      May Day                         May Day
May 1 is Mavis' birthday.  If my calculations are correct, she would have been 100 today. 
The McLean Girls
From Left to Right: Mary Lou, Betty, Mavis, Sybil (Mom)

Mavis, was my Mother's sister.  She is the #2 McLean girl. Mom was the #1/Oldest and Mavis was next.  I think Mom was closest to Mavis in age and temperament.  She was five when Mavis was born and they had each other for five years before Betty came along and another three before Mary Lou was born.  I think Mom watched out for Mavis.  I think that Mavis went where Mom went by looking at some of the early pictures.
Can you pick them out in this picture?
Mom and Mavis with
the Fitches in Kansas

I digress.  These are my Memories of Mavis.  

She used to take naps on the couch in the living room on 16th Street in Muskogee.  They said she had a bad ear. When she wanted to tune out her three sisters, she would turn on her 'bad ear' side and take a nap.  I imagine that was often, because if all four sister were together, they all talked at the same time. Then, Mavis would hit the couch!

I have no idea why Patricia
had her head down.
I remember Mom and Dad taking me to Muskogee to visit Mavis, Jim, Lillian, and Patricia.  I can see the adults sitting in lawn chairs outside.  I was inside reading to Lillian and Patricia at nap time.  I was a kid. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to read to them until they fell asleep.  Mavis finally came and got me.

Grandmother, Mavis, Mom
Mavis (standing)
me, and Mary Lou
She visited me several times over the years.  Some I remember; some I don't.

I thought it was neat that she was 'Mavis Davis'.  She married Jim Davis and was always with him.  The only time I remember her being without Jim was when he was in the Pacific in WWII. 
On a visit to Little Rock
The date on the back of the picture was 1942.
I think they were married at home.

Mavis was the Librarian of the family. Mom had worked in one.  I always wanted to be one-maybe because of Mavis.  I think I knew Mavis less than any one of my other aunts. She was married to Jim Davis when I came into the picture. Betty and Mary Lou were 19 and 16.  They played with me.  Mavis was 24 and an adult in my child's eyes.   She didn't play with me; she found someone who was my age to play with me.

I will always remember that she helped Mom and Dad financially to pay from my college.  It wasn't a whole lot, but any amount was appreciated.  I didn't know until she was gone.  I wish I could have thanked her. I love Mavis Davis! Happy Birthday!

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