Thursday, June 6, 2013

My New Toy

Who remembers this????

I remember learning to type on a typewriter several years older than this one.  I could actually type 60 WPM and that was slow.  Some "women"* could type over 100 WPM.  If we wanted a copy, we would put carbon paper between the original and a second sheet...usually yellow low quality paper. Sometimes we would have multiple copies.   We called them carbon copies and at the bottom we would put a cc: and list who had received one. (When we made an error, we would have to erase the original and all copies and type the correct letter again.)

Oh, those were the days...

I can hear you asking: "What is she going to do with that?"  Answer: "I do not know."  It just called to me one day when I was browsing in the Etsy Shops. When you click on the line and search on 'Esmee Lynne', you will see my shop.  Come on in! Browsing will be great! Buying something will be even greater:)

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