Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Wonderful Day for a Trail Walk - Lake DeSoto Multi-Purpose Trail

Perfect Spring weather sent us outdoors on April Fool's Day.   We headed to the Lake DeSoto Multi Purpose Trail and a 3.4 mile trail walk.  Yes, you read it right...3.4 miles.  This was the longest trail walk we have taken.  We were armed with bottled water and our cell phones...one of which is my camera.  

We took the top trail. We parked across from S. Pego Way;
walked along the DeSoto Golf Course to Barcelona;
and back along Calella Rd.

Only .9 mile to go...gasp!

.4 mile more gasp! gasp!

Yea!!!! The End at last!

We decided the next time we walked this trail we would walk only the first mile and double back. It is the prettiest part. The remaining 2.5 miles was mainly along one of the main roads or streets in front of houses. We had to walk the full trail at least once. Didn't we?

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